“I would like to take this opportunity to say the lady that does the cleaning of the rest rooms [Bonnie] does a great job. Every time I use the facility, it is well stocked, wiped down, and even smells great. She takes her time and does a very complete job, not just walking in, checking the supplies, and walking out. Please tell her, her work is appreciated and thanks.”
O.  Bell
Telecommunications Company
WingHaven Property

“You guys are GREAT! I just spoke with Bill (tenant representative) and he was very appreciative!!”
Carrie D.
Vice President Property Services

“Please let your night time manager know that I really appreciate when she/he calls (and then you email) regarding late workers. This makes our life so much easier when we know this from Janitron instead of the tenant. Great communication!!”
Elizabeth M.
Senior Property Manager

“One recurring theme on our visits was the tenant’s satisfaction with Willie (the dayporter). The tenants were very complimentary on Willie’s performance in the building. He is a great asset to your team!”
J. Seiler
Account Manager
Clayton, MO

“Just want to say that our new Dayporter, Joe, is awesome! Friendly, hardworking, visible, and checks in daily. Thanks for sending us the best!”
L.  Caughron
Insurance Company
South County, St. Louis