We’re not like typical commercial cleaning companies. We have higher standards. Do you? If yes, you may be JANITRON team material.

Our Values

We live by the following values and expect every employee to live by them as well.

Think Ahead: So there are never surprises.

Maintain Integrity: So you never doubt that we will get it done.

Deliver Quality: Uncompromising attention to detail

Challenge Ourselves: To question every situation with “How can we do that better?”

It is Rocket Science

Here at Janitron we have taken the science of cleaning and made it into an art form. Janitron ensures that all employees meet the same high standards regardless of past cleaning experience.  All employees are put through an extensive training process that teaches basic cleaning principles, as well as specialized techniques for proper vacuuming, dusting, trash removal and rest room cleaning. 

You are the face of JANITRON

Our employees also undergo customer service training that focuses on interaction with building tenants, dealing with lost and found items and important safety guidelines.  Janitron’s training process consists of three steps which include classroom instruction, hands-on experience in our training facility, and supervised on-the-job training.  Our employees are not just cleaners – they strive to deliver a better cleaning experience.

In addition to training, police background checks are conducted on all employees before they’re cleared to become a JANITRON team member. Because of the valuable nature of our clients’ properties, our staff must be trustworthy, honest, and respectful of others. Furthermore, employees are also subject to random drug tests to make certain every team member is living up to our values above.

Employee Health

Janitron has made employee health and well being top priority from the beginning. We built our first employee weight bench in 1991 when the business started and extra funds were scarce. That one bench has now grown into an on-site fitness facility which includes a sauna, shower and locker room. Here at Janitron we believe that physical fitness improves work performance by taking care of the body and mind.
We believe in being the best. And constantly improving. If that’s you, click here to submit an application.