Building Owners

If you are an owner-occupant of your own commercial building, you have a business to run on top of your commercial investment. Not to mention, the cleanliness reflects on your company, your building and your tenants. We can work directly with you or through your property management company.

From restrooms to boardrooms, JANITRON offers the owner-occupant customized service with the following benefits:

Communication. Maintaining communications is the key to our quality control. Daily check ins, weekly inspections, quarterly reviews. Email, voicemail, two-way radios, cell phones. We make sure you KNOW what’s happening at your facilities, including taking digital photos of any issues that arise so you can see exactly what the situation is and how we handled it. Constant communication allows us to evaluate your quality perceptions of our work, track service issues and implement preventive/corrective measures as soon as possible.

No surprises. Have you ever come in to the office to find a tenant, customer or employee complaint in your email? Like you, we hate surprises. So on those rare occasions we discover an issue that may result in a complaint to you, our email will be first. So you’re never surprised.

Stringent hiring and selection process. Our company values embrace the highest level of integrity so our employees are screened for these same values, then trained in our standardized system. In addition, we treat all of our employees with respect utilizing competitive compensation, performance-based recognition, extensive training, and opportunities for advancement. We believe the result is greater productivity and service longevity. So you benefit.

Standardized Processes. Our electronic cleaning protocol software prints out specifications unique to each property.  We translate the duties from the specification into flow charts so no detail is missed. Carefully documented processes in our comprehensive training system ensure that your cleaning team does it right the first time, every time. We consistently do things the same way every time so that we can objectively measure our performance based on your service needs.

Regular inspections. Local supervisors inspect on a regular basis and report back to our management team. Our ability to assess, document, and communicate the quality of your service helps you manage your tenant or customers expectations. It’s invaluable to your bottom line, and likewise, is a large part of our continued success working together.

Powerful management tools. Our “Teleteam” telephone timekeeping system eliminates paper time sheets or cards.  All of our associates clock in and out from the job site using the telephone, their ID number, and the toll-free business lines connected to our computer.  All of our systems help measure the success of your commercial cleaning services through improved communication, increased worker productivity, and integrated processes. Plus you’ll save time on administrative issues and enjoy an instantaneous response to emergencies and special requests.

GreenClean. We offer one of the industry’s most innovative environmentally friendly cleaning programs. So you can reap the benefits of green cleaning, which impacts employee/tenant health and morale, your company’s reputation and the bottom line.

Want to see how we will clean your investment better? It only takes 15 minutes or so. Call 636-444-9055 or click here to schedule an appointment. and in 15 minutes we can demonstrate how we can make a difference.